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ITAP Global Resource Team


In order to serve clients globally ITAP has developed a Global Resource Team of companies. To support clients, the we offer:

  1. Global reach and delivery, and integrated, value-added expertise across the principal HRD / OD and cross-cultural management development agendas
  2. Access to an integrated international network of co-operative companies across the major economic centers of the world (a globally distributed delivery system)
  3. Cooperation partners in many other countries besides those mentioned here who can deliver consulting and training in many languages.

These Global Resource Team relationships were developed to:

  1. Provide member companies with opportunities to broaden their local services into a genuinely international, global offering for their clients and for the development and internationalization of their staff
  2. Provide a platform for member companies to access and market the intellectual property (IP) and consultancy services of ITAP International and of the other Group member companies in support of their local consultancy practices and their local clients
  3. Develop economies of scale for all Group member companies in support of R&D related to tools, product and service offerings, in organization and administration, and with regard to avenues of professional development
  4. Facilitate members working with like-minded professionals seeking to improve cultural understanding in business and society throughout the world. 

ITAP and the Global Resource Team members meet strict quality standards and deep service capability criteria and provide quality services in the cross-cultural and human resources fields in their home countries. They also support projects globally as their expertise allows.

ITAP Executive Team (by country/region)

The ITAP Executive Team are all experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds, language capabilities, cultural specialties and areas of consulting expertise.


ITAP Americas / ITAP International

ITAP International Inc.ITAP Americas is a wholly-owned subsidiary of ITAP International. ITAP Americas is also the regional office for the Americas and the headquarters for ITAP International. ITAP Americas and ITAP International are located in Princeton, NJ USA and serve global clients world wide. We specialize in helping clients with issues at the intersection of business operations and cultural differences.

Dr. John W. Bing (Chairman of the Board, ITAP International), founder of ITAP International and a former Peace Corps Volunteer in Afghanistan, has focused his professional career on cross-cultural work. His background includes work for government organizations, non-government organizations, and academic institutions prior to founding ITAP. Dr. Bing has successfully transitioned the company from a cross-cultural training firm to one specializing in intercultural consulting. His special focus is Research & Development and Licensing.

Catherine Mercer Bing (CEO, ITAP International; Managing Director, ITAP Americas) has both internal corporate human resources and external consulting experience in organizational development, learning and development, and as an OD consultant. Her specialties include work in: team building, mission/vision formulation, succession planning, process formulation and implementation, executive/management development and training management.


ODE Consulting (Singapore)

ODE Consulting

ODE Consulting was established in Singapore in 1996 with the vision of partnering organizations to drive high performance cultures, bring out the best in their human capital, facilitate transformation and deliver business results.

ODE's business excellence framework comprises of strategic management, leadership and change management, sales and marketing, project and human resource management. They offer learning, consulting, coaching and blended learning solutions to address business challenges and deliver value by enabling change.

ODE has an excellent track record and serves key clients across Asia Pacific, in the Banking and Finance, Education, Government, Healthcare, Infocomm Technology (ICT), Insurance, Logistics, Pharmaceutical and Real Estate Industries, but to name a few.

Teo Jin Lee (Ms.) - Founder and Managing Director of ODE Consulting®

ODE China (Beijing and Shanghai) and ODE India

ODE Consulting has operations in China and India and works through partners and affiliates to serve clients globally.

CMC Business Solutions (Philippines)

CMC Business Solutions, Inc.

For years, CMC Business Solutions has been helping companies and individuals deal with the challenges of a dynamic world, understanding the needs of their clients and finding the best ways to improve knowledge, skills and behaviors to be at par with this demanding and ever changing business world.



Marie Segura - Founder and Principal Consultant, CMC Business Solutions, Inc.


OD Corea / ITAP Asia Pacific

ITAP Asia PacificITAP Asia Pacific is located in Seoul, South Korea and they have extensive experience in multi-office international operations and cross-cultural consulting.

ITAP Asia Pacific offers clients a Change Management Tracking System to help identify whether cultural impediments to change are strong or weak. This information help companies know where specific cultural emphasis is needed to succeed in their change efforts.

ITAP Asia Pacific is also the regional office for most of Asia. The regional leader is Dr. Ha-Young Woo.

Dr. Ha-Young Woo (OD Corea/ITAP Asia-Pacific) has a Ph. D. (University of Minnesota, Minneapolis USA) and an M. ED (Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea; Department of Education Science). He has 15 years work experience in the fields of business organization as an HRD and HRM professional. He is oriented towards research and practical problem solving. He has specific expertise in:
- Strategic HRM and HRD
- Organization Development: Creation, dissemination, & integration of Culture, Learning Organization
- Training & Development: Needs assessment, Program & Instruction Design, Implementation, Evaluation of HRD
- Career development: Assessment, Development plan, Coaching and Mentoring, Succession Planning
- Recruitment and selection, HRD management, Leadership development, Group process/facilitation: Team building, Management of conflict


TWIST Consulting Group

TWIST Consulting GroupTWIST Consulting Group - specializes in National and International Staff Development. They are an international and cross-culturally competent team of Senior-Consultants and Consultants located in Munich, Germany. Their clients are German as well as international companies - their target groups are their professionals and managers. They conduct psychologically based trainings, organization and team development exercises and coaching as well as Assessment- and Development Centers in German, English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish and French, nationally and internationally.

TWIST Consulting Group is also the regional office for Eastern and Western Europe. The regional leader is Dr. Claudia Harss.

Dr. Claudia Harss, PhD (TWIST Consulting Group) is a specialist in Project Management in the area of Organizational Development and international cooperation / Cross‐cultural Sensitization; Workshop Facilitation and Team Development (national and international Management Level); and Cross‐cultural Sensitization Programs (Special focus: Eastern Europe). She studied Psychology and Education Science in Munich and Regensburg and has completed further scientific education at the Max‐Planck‐Institute for applied psychological research. She is a scientific officer, University of the German Federal Armed Forces, Munich and a facilitator and Trainer at the Institute for work psychology and occupational medicine. She has designed and facilitated Assessment Centres in order to assess the potential of international operating managers in different locations of global corporations. She speaks English and German. 


ITAP Global Resource Team Offices

Seoul, South KoreaSingapore / China / PhilippinesMunich, GermanyPrinceton, New Jersey, USA

ITAP Asia Pacific

OD Corea / ITAP Asia Pacific
Seoul, South Korea

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ITAP Singapore / ITAP China / ITAP Philippines

ODE Consulting /

ODE Consulting (China) Co., Ltd. / 
Shanghai, China

CMC Business Solutions / 
Manila, Philippines

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ITAP Europe

TWIST Consulting / ITAP Europe
Munich, Germany

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ITAP Americas

ITAP Americas
Princeton, NJ, USA

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