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Asherman, Ira, John W. Bing and Lionel Laroche Building Trust Across Cultural Boundaries
Bing, Catherine Mercer and Ira Asherman Culture and Its Impact on Team Effectiveness (pdf)
Bing, Catherine Mercer and John W. Bing Helping Global Teams Compete
Bing, Catherine Mercer and Lionel Laroche Negotiating Expatriate Packages
Bing, Catherine Mercer and Saehi Han Mergers and Acquisitions: What To Do When Communicating More Often Is Just Not Enough (pdf)
Bing, John W., Laura L. Bierema and Terry J. Carter The Global Pendulum (pdf)
Bing, John W., and Sergio Gardelliano Team Building at the United Nations Industrial Development Organization
Bing, John W. Hofstede's Consequences: The Impact of his Work on Consulting and Business Practices
Bing, John W. Hofstede's Dimensions: A High-Level Analytical Tool for Working Internationally
Bing, John W. The Use and Misuse of Questionnaires in Intercultural Training
Bing, John W. The Use of a Cultural Inventory in Global Leadership Training
Bing, John W. Metrics for Assessing Human Process on Work Teams
Bing, John W. The Relationship between Process and Performance on Teams
Bing, John W. Developing a Consulting Tool to Measure Process Change on Global Teams: The Global Team Process Questionnaire™
Dilworth, Robert L. Action Learning in a Nutshell
Dilworth, Robert L. Creating Opportunities for Reflection in Action Learning: Nine Important Avenues
Dilworth, Robert L. Mapping Group Dynamics in an Action Learning Experience: The Global Team Process Questionnaire™ (GTPQ)
Gitelson, Gene, John W. Bing and Lionel Laroche The Impact of Culture on Mergers & Acquisitions
Han, Saehi Research on the Impact of Internal Values of Employees to Organizational Culture and on its Diagnosis Frameworks (pdf)
English Abstract

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Harss, Claudia Interkulturelles Führen (pdf)
Nitsch, Sonja and Juliette Maggu Standardisieren ohne zu frustrieren (pdf)
Nitsch, Sonja and Marion Zikeli Test: Kulturelle Spielregeln besser verstehen (pdf)
Short, Darren C., John W. Bing and Marijke Thamm Kehrhahn Will Human Resource Development Survive?
Touval, Amitai Instilling Business Ethics in China (pdf)
Touval, Amitai Financial Barriers: How finance team leaders can leverage cultural differences to maximise business integration (pdf)

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