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ITAP's Approach

ITAP makes the link between real global issues and practical, cross-culturally appropriate solutions. We find the pressure points and help clients to understand the consequences of the status quo. We identify options and find the best end-to-end client solutions - for their business, in their markets, with their customers, with their strategy.

What Makes ITAP Unique?

  1. Breadth: Our offerings are wide ranging in both geography and function.
  2. Depth: Our company and the ITAP Global Resource Team includes only seasoned professionals with diverse international experience, deep cultural knowledge, and a wide variety of capabilities.

We work within the constraints of your organization, offering full-service consulting or behind the scenes support. Our experience includes partnering across a wide geographic network and our projects have a wide range - from complete redesign of US call center training used by outsourcing vendors (to make it appropriate for Indian audiences) - to board development of a biotech company that has grown through acquisition.

If you come to us with a problem/challenge, ITAP will help you analyze whole systems and design end-to-end solutions.

ITAP transfers capability to internal service providers so that our clients are not dependent on consulting services.  ITAP works alongside, certifies and otherwise prepares your internal professionals to continue the work we start together.

ITAP Global Resource Team Offices

Seoul, South KoreaSingapore / China / PhilippinesMunich, GermanyPrinceton, New Jersey, USA

ITAP Asia Pacific

OD Corea / ITAP Asia Pacific
Seoul, South Korea

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ITAP Singapore / ITAP China / ITAP Philippines

ODE Consulting /

ODE Consulting (China) Co., Ltd. / 
Shanghai, China

CMC Business Solutions / 
Manila, Philippines

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ITAP Europe

TWIST Consulting / ITAP Europe
Munich, Germany

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ITAP Americas

ITAP Americas
Princeton, NJ, USA

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