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A Brief History of ITAP International




ITAP International, Inc.* (ITAP) was founded in Princeton, New Jersey, USA by Dr. John W. Bing.

Since its inception, ITAP International has provided cross-cultural consulting and training to major companies and organizations, including pharmaceuticals, health and beauty care, consumer goods, telecommunications, travel services, insurance, retail, entertainment and the United Nations.

1980s and 90s

In the beginning, the company coached and trained thousands of executives who were moving from one part of the world to another. It was in support of these activities and training programs that ITAP developed the first of its proprietary approaches to capacity building.


ITAP licensed questions from Dr. Geert Hofstede and built its first application – the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ or CWQ


Dr. John W. Bing won the prestigious International HRD Practitioner Award from the American Society for Training and Development.


ITAP builds the first team process questionnaire which has developed into the Team Process Questionnaire System - three online team assessment instruments: the Global Team Process Questionnaire™ or GTPQ, the Organizational Team Process Questionnaire™ or OTPQ, and the Action Learning Team Process Questionnaire™ or ALTPQ

Since 2000 

During the past two decades, ITAP International transitioned from relocation coaching to consulting practices that include support of executive and global teams, human resources departments, and companies as they expand globally and manage international employees.


ITAP International was structured into a new organization with affiliate companies around the world.


ITAP reorganized into a regional structure


ITAP's Affiliate companies rebranded itself the ITAP Global Consulting Group.


ODE Consulting (ITAP’s Affiliate company in Singapore) purchased ITAP’s Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ and purchased the CW business from ITAP. They have created the CW Partner network for people and companies interested in using and being certified in the questionnaire. For more information, please visit


The ITAP Alliance becomes known as the Global Resource Team. The CW Partners and the Global Resource Team serve clients in many languages and with deep cultural understanding.

*"ITAP" originally stood for International Training Associates of Princeton. The company name is now "ITAP International, Inc." since it has expanded to capabilities beyond training and to locations beyond Princeton, NJ, USA.

ITAP Global Resource Team Offices

Seoul, South KoreaSingapore / China / PhilippinesMunich, GermanyPrinceton, New Jersey, USA

ITAP Asia Pacific

OD Corea / ITAP Asia Pacific
Seoul, South Korea

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ITAP Singapore / ITAP China / ITAP Philippines

ODE Consulting /

ODE Consulting (China) Co., Ltd. / 
Shanghai, China

CMC Business Solutions / 
Manila, Philippines

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ITAP Europe

TWIST Consulting / ITAP Europe
Munich, Germany

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ITAP Americas

ITAP Americas
Princeton, NJ, USA

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