Improve Global Competitive Advantage

Do you need to identify and accelerate the development of your current and future global team members and leaders?

Superior knowledge, information and execution have always been competitive advantages for business. Done well, this advantage comes through the outcomes created by high performing global, virtual, and multi-cultural teams. However, when such teams are ineffective, they can consume large amounts of resources without the productivity to justify investment in providing support and team member and leader development. You can improve the process and productivity of teams by systematically measuring current effectiveness as well as how teams change over time and apply the appropriate policies and interventions to support those teams. ITAP’s Team Process Questionnaire System can:

  • Customize your questions
  • Benchmark the progress of your teams
  • Compare your teams’ results to best practice data
  • Measure and sustain team improvements over time
  • Determine what specific intervention will solve a specific problem (rather than create an expensive and general "teambuilding" program)
  • Determine whether policy changes are producing desired improvements on teams

At What Levels Can ITAP’s TPQ System Provide Support?

The TPQ System has the capability to operate at:

  • Level I: Individual Teams – assesses human process interactions between team members/leader
    How well the team members are working together is a leading indicator of success in achieving the team’s goals. Measuring their human process interactions helps focus on where things are going well and where an intervention can improve output.
  • Level II: Support and Develop Team Leaders – provides virtual team leaders valuable information on the human process interactions between team members.
    When team members are virtual, it is very difficult for team leaders to know how well they are doing in leading the team. Using the TPQ results, team leaders are able to make decisions on how to manage and lead their teams based upon specific data.
    • Results from the TPQs can be used for team leader coaching.
    • Metrics from the Questionnaires can provide a valuable supplement to standard team leader coaching support.
    • The TPQs can be used, in part, to help identify teams which are process effective and team leaders who lead effectively. These leaders can mentor new team leaders, or those which need additional support.
  • Level III: Human Process Dash Metrics – helps business leaders track team and team leader performance When various teams in an organizational unit utilize the TPQ System, data can be collected and provided to senior management so they can compare Team Process metrics.
    For example: TPQ data provided in the digital dashboard can impact the overall approach to:
    • Structure of Teams
    • Communications between Management & Teams
    • Communications between Teams
    • Interventions Required
    • Team Leader Coaching

Important note: The TPQ system is customizable (you can add custom questions) and best if used multiple times to measure change over time. Here is a sample.

Organizational Use of TPQ System Data