ITAP International, Inc. specializes in global, cross-border consulting. We are experts working in multiple countries with extensive line and staff experience in multiple sectors. To our clients we work together as the Global Resource Team. We specialize in working with all levels of teams.

We analyze your domestic, global, virtual and/or multi-cultural team issues and design practical, cross-culturally appropriate solutions. We find the pressure points and help clients to understand unintended consequences.

What Makes ITAP Unique?

  • Breadth: Our offerings are wide ranging in both geography and function.
  • Depth: Our company and the ITAP Global Resource Team include only seasoned professionals with diverse international experience, deep cultural knowledge, and a wide variety of capabilities.

We work within the constraints of your organization. Our experience includes partnering across a wide geographic network. Sample projects include:

  • Designing the 5 Drivers of Business Partnership and facilitating sessions in Working Across Offices for global Finance and Risk professionals
  • Analyzing and measuring change over time for pharmaceutical Drug Development and Health & Safety teams
  • Executive team analysis and team development for companies growing through acquisition.

ITAP helps analyze problems and challenges, and transfers capability to internal service providers so that our clients are not dependent on external consultants. ITAP licenses our tools, certifies consultants, collaborates with internal professionals and prepares them to continue the work we start together.

ITAP Global Resource Team Offices
Seoul, South Korea
Singapore / China / Philippines
Munich, Germany
New Jersey / New York, USA

OD Corea
Seoul, South Korea

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ODE Consulting

ODE Consulting (China) Co., Ltd.
Shanghai, China

CMC Business Solutions
Manila, Philippines

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TWIST Consulting
Munich, Germany

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ITAP Americas
Princeton, NJ, USA

Hyun & Associates
New York, NY USA

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