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The Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ Overview

ITAP licenses the CWQ™ from ODE Consulting® Pte. Ltd. ODE Consulting and its licensees are among the very few companies worldwide endorsed by Dr. Hofstede and approved to represent his research. According to Dr. Hofstede, "This [approval] is due to their professionalism and deep understanding of my work.”


ITAP’s consulting and training services are founded on analysis using instruments for individuals, teams and organizations. The Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ is derived from the work of Dr. Geert Hofstede, a Dutch social scientist who developed this questionnaire to illustrate culturally dependent work preferences. 

Culture, what Geert Hofstede refers to as "software of the mind/mental programming," is a critical variable that guides peoples' actions and reactions. Cultural misunderstandings can be counterproductive for individual development, organizational effectiveness and profits, as well as international relations.

"The Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ is effective, easy to use and understand. Highly recommended!"

Doug Stuart
Leading expert in the field of intercultural communications

Understanding one's own culture and the impact of culture on the actions of others is essential for effective global business interactions. The Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ will provide you with insights about yourself and provide you a better understanding of how your cultural preferences, as well as the cultural preferences of others, impact working relationships. It also will provide you with a framework for understanding diverse approaches to workplace interactions such as problem solving, working in teams and managing projects.

Background on the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™

ITAP licenses the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ from ODE Consulting® Pte. Ltd. ODE Consulting and its licensees have the worldwide exclusive rights to its use. This instrument provides an individual cultural profile compared against country averages.

The dimensions, as described and interpreted in the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™, are:

Individualism: The degree to which action is taken for the benefit of the individual, or the benefit of the group.

Power Distance: The degree to which inequality or distance between those in charge and the less powerful (subordinates) is accepted.

Certainty: The extent to which people prefer rules, regulations and controls or are more comfortable with unstructured, ambiguous or unpredictable situations.

Achievement: The degree to which we focus on goal achievement and work or quality of life and caring for others. This dimension also tracks the relative masculine and feminine influences in the workplace.

Time Orientation: The extent to which members of a society are prepared to adapt themselves to reach a desirable future, or the extent to which they take their guidance from the past and focus on fulfilling their present needs and desires.

Indulgence: The tendency to allow relatively free gratification of basic human drives related to enjoying life and having fun, or the conviction that such gratification needs to be curbed and regulated by strict social norms.

Responses to Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ help to illuminate attitudes and values, and provide a springboard to understanding and discussion of cultural differences and similarities.  The insights are then built upon to create more effective and productive cross-cultural working relationships. 


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