The Team Process Questionnaire™ Background and History

Teams, because they represent significant corporate investment require proactive attention. Assessment of human process interactions (HPIs) can provide early detection of and recommended response to looming obstacles in order to prevent them from hindering the team's productivity and effectiveness. Team leader development, combined with focused team training, doubly improves the team. Both are provided through ITAP's team consulting process.

ITAP has three team assessment instruments that share a common approach and discipline. These are the:

The Global Team Process Questionnaire™ was the first research-based quantitative study of process differences on global teams. In the early 1990's, a Swiss-based pharmaceutical company asked ITAP International to develop a method for measuring process performance on three global teams. Their purpose was to reduce research and development time in three drug delivery areas. Because the composition and assignments of the teams were similar, the teams became ideal candidates for studying differences in human processes interactions on global teams.

ITAP International developed the Global Team Process Questionnaire™ (GTPQ) to measure human process on these teams. The GTPQ has been administered to teams of research and development scientists, clinicians, statistical analysts, compensation analysts, and information technology, consumer product, financial and real estate professionals. It also has helped leadership teams, board-level teams, and other top-management groups.