Cross-Cultural Research

Cultural attitudes and values impact behaviors.  Global organizations need to understand the cultural driver of workplace and consumer behaviors.  What impact do cultural values have on learning and development approaches?  What impact does culture have on attitudes towards risk and safety? How do consumer attitudes impact product positioning?  How does the cultural background of product users impact their attitudes about help desk/service centers or call centers?  How does the cultural background of help desk/service centers or call center agents impact their ability to serve your customers?

ITAP can measure these cultural attitudes and provide recommendations on and deliver interventions around culturally appropriate approaches. The slide deck below about doing business in China is an example of the kind of intelligence ITAP research can produce.  See additional sample presentations at SlideShare. Another example is a presentation on the Impact of Culture on Attitudes Towards Risk and Safety — please click here to download it.

Strategies for Companies Doing Business in China