Cross Cultural and Executive Coaching

Cross-Cultural Coaching for Executives and Team Leaders

ITAP provides individualized, custom or one-on-one support to enable executives and virtual team leaders to be more effective in global organizations / with global teams.

We offer a goal-oriented, personally-tailored, confidential learning alliance between a professional coach and the executive. Coaching:

NOTE: The organization and the individual must be committed to coaching for it to be successful.

One-on-one, confidential coaching:

Coaching's Five Stages

1. Develop a contract between the executive and the coach

2. Assessment and Analysis

3. Coaching sessions

4. Updates for sponsor

5. Making development recommendations


Required pre-work assessment - Hofstede Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™

A 60-minute introductory session

Data collection using questionnaires or structured interviews

Two to Four sessions per month, of one and a half to two hours; if possible, at least half should be in person

Ongoing telephonic/email coaching (telephone or email when you need a question answered) billed at normal rates.