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ITAP Contributes to Better Collaboration Among International Space Agencies

For more than two decades, APPEL Strategic Communications has offered a course specifically designed to help NASA practitioners develop the requisite skills to facilitate global partnerships. The International Project Management course brings together space agency professionals from around the world with experts from NASA, as well as organizational development and project management specialists, including ITAP's Managing Director, Catherine Mercer Bing. 

As APPEL reports, "The five-day course utilizes case studies, presentations from experienced practitioners, and hands-on exercises to help participants explore how cultural differences can inform decision making, negotiations, and leadership styles. Participants also review strategies for identifying and avoiding some of the common pitfalls associated with international projects. A key aspect of the course is encouraging practitioners to learn from each other to better understand the challenges and opportunities of engaging with international partners. Over the course of the five days, participants begin to comprehend the cultural challenges, ethical and legal concerns, and teaming issues they may encounter when working on international projects. The goal of the course is to ensure participants leave with a heightened ability to collaborate successfully, a skill that is integral not only to NASA’s future, but to the future of the industry overall."
To learn more about this program and see photos from the most recent course at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex in Florida, click here.

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