ITAP Alliance conference with Geert Hofstede

Hofstede and Bing
Dr. John Bing and
Dr. Geert Hofstede
at the ITAP Alliance Conference
February 2017

TWIST Consulting/ITAP Europe hosted the ITAP Alliance conference in February 2017. The conference included Geert Hofstede, the founder of the field of quantitative intercultural research, his son Gert Jan Hofstede, a professor who has extended this research, and Michael Minkov, who has published a number of books on innovations in the field.  The researchers spoke with both the ITAP group and a gathering of faculty and students about the latest research in intercultural communications.

TWIST Consulting has focused on both research and practice for 26 years.  Both globalization and the growing number of international employees require increased practice-oriented knowledge of cultural differences and their effect on workplace communications.

On February 17, TWIST also brought together four of the most prestigious social scientists, whose research involves intercultural issues in the workplace, at a TWIST-hosted Intercultural Summit meeting at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.  Geert Hofstede, his son Gert Jan and Misho Minkov shared updates about their research with a wider audience. The summit, moderated by Felix Brodbeck, co-author of the GLOBE study, offered an interesting showcase for research in intercultural areas.

ITAP members from Europe, China, Singapore, South Korea, the US and the Philippines also spent time that week strategizing about the future of the Alliance, planning for upgrading the Culture in the Workplace Questionnaire™ to include Hofstede's 6th Dimension, Indulgence vs. Restraint (IVR), and sharing best practices, good food, laughter, musical talent, and good conversations.