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ITAP Insights is the name of our blog.  Here, ITAP's culture experts post their perspective on trends, research, and our work related to culture and business.  In addition, you can click on the Articles link in the left menu to reach a list of resources published in magazines and other formats.

10 things you need to know about cultural differences

I guess it is no surprise that we have cultural misunderstandings. Perceptions are influenced by our “cultural lenses” and we often do not even know what those lenses contain. As any global manager will tell you – people (and companies) are often sadly mistaken about the impact that cultural differences make in the workplace, and too often dismiss such mistakes as not important.

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Culture and Archetypal Wounding: A Biocognitive Perspective

Part 1: Understanding Shaming Across Cultures through Hofstede Dimensions

Lately I have been spending some time reading and learning about biocognitive psychology and its relation to cultures.  All the information comes from Dr. Mario Martinez and the Biocognitive Science Institute.  I have some sources at the bottom of this article. 

The aim of this series of three blog posts is to first summarize some core teaching from Dr. Martinez and then to apply the Hofstede framework of cultural dimensions to connect how socialization, as determined by cultural norms, can both explain behaviors that are sourced in “archetypal wounds” and perhaps give us ways to deal with these patterns in our work. 

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